How Much Space Will a Min Pin Need?

Some new owners look at the toy breed that is the Miniature Pinscher and assume that keeping such a small dog is nothing but smooth sailing. After all, it is no more than approximately twelve inches high with a slight but healthy structure and a graceful, ginger gait. What every seasoned Min Pin owner knows is that dynamite comes in very small packages. The Min Pin’s size very much belies their dynamic personality and life with the breed is anything but dull. They are vivacious and sometimes tenacious but very loveable and always loyal. They adore their owners and they love watching over their realm, whether it is a sprawling home with a yard or an apartment in the heart of the city.

As long as they get out each day for a good walk, the Min Pin can be the apartment dweller’s dream. The breed nearly always complies with the size and weight requirements for pets in apartment leases. Unlike larger breeds, Min Pins will not feel closed in on by the same four walls when inclement weather strikes putting outside activities on hold. They are often quite capable of making do with an apartment sized living space until they are able to get back outside again. As to not disturb neighbors, the breed’s tendency to bark must be worked with from the beginning if the main residence is to be an apartment type dwelling.

Just the same, the Min Pin needs the opportunity to get out and explore. The breed is one that must exercise its mind just as much as its body. Creating opportunities for the Min Pin to satisfy its need to investigate will greatly reduce the amount of incidences where the dog takes off on its own to see the world. The Min Pin has a larger than life attitude and does not often know when it is wandering into the face of danger. When out and about, the Min Pin needs to stay on a leash; that is, unless it is in a completely safe enclosure.

As a ratter, the Min Pin was developed for chasing after small rodents and still has no problem squeezing through small holes and openings just to see what it can see. This can lead to dangerous and precarious situations. When out in a yard, fences with holes or potential for holes must be reinforced. If a Min Pin thinks it can squeeze through a space, it will definitely try. Though it may seem like disobedient behavior in the choice between obeying and following its nature, most Min Pins will follow their inherent need to survey the world around them. Therefore, it will be the owner’s responsibility to provide a safe means for carrying out this tendency. Those who are in a position to travel and can bring their dog with them will find the perfect traveling companion in the Min Pin.

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