Miniature Pinschers

The Miniature Pinscher is a breed that may be small but has a big need to keep its mind and body as busy as possible. They delight in having fun, being the center of attention, and interacting with their owner. There have been more than a few who have gone into owning a Min Pin with the misguided assumption that little effort will be required for exercise. This is not exactly the case. While the Min Pin may need less room or less intense activities than other breeds, assuming that they are content to stare at the same four walls is an invitation for destructive behaviors. About the umpteenth time a new owner finds his or her favorite pair of shoes chewed to bits, it may finally become apparent that the busy Min Pin is a happy Min Pin.

A Min Pin that is given plenty of constructive activities to stay busy with will not likely have any time to be destructive. The Min Pin does not exhibit nervous energy but a rather intense focused intelligence. They are well known for being curious and their quest for knowledge is constant. Not being given an outlet for this type of energy is no different than refusing a right to potty breaks. Inquisitiveness is simply one of the natural traits of the breed. Like most intelligent breeds, another natural trait is the life long need to chew. As many breeders warn, this is not something that can be trained out of a Min Pin and it is important to establish what is okay to chew early on.

The majority of Min Pins are obedient and will pick up right away on what is appropriate to exercise their jaws on and what is not. Over time, owners will begin to notice that their Min Pin’s chewing becomes more intense when they are nervous or if there is tension in the house. It may also be a sign that the owner has been neglecting their duties and needs to spend more time with their dog. Unless they are chewing on something they shouldn’t, a Min Pin should never be made to feel bad for doing what comes natural. Chewing is the outlet of many dogs that have high energy levels. It simply feels good and provides a feeling of security. It is also good for the teeth and there are a number of chew toys that can help improve dental health.

As pups, the need to chew is simply a stage of growing up. It is the owner’s responsibility to make their home puppy friendly and remove or stash dangerous items out of reach. Spending time every day with the Min Pin and providing plenty of chew toys is the best way to keep destructive chewing to a minimum.

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