Overfeeding and the Min Pin

If there is one concern that every new Min Pin owner should know about, it is the issue of overfeeding. Though full of energy, the Min Pin is a small dog that has certain calorie requirements. Upon receiving a pup from a reputable breeder, a new owner will likely receive a week long supply of what the dog has been eating and detailed instructions for a daily feeding routine. This will make transitions easy not only for the pup but for the new owner as well. When all is said and done, the adult Min Pin usually takes in one meal per day.

Feeding larger portions than necessary obviously leads to weight gain, but the real danger is in the after affects. Even though the Min Pin is a somewhat muscular breed, their bone structure is still quite light. Expecting their small frames to carry more weight than it was made for can only lead to unnecessary pain or illness. One of the benefits of owning a small dog has to do with keeping hip problems to a minimum. With extra weight, this is usually one of the first problems to be encountered by small breeds. Joint injuries can also become an issue.

Even with just a few extra pounds, the small Min Pin can have problems carrying the extra weight. Trouble can come in the form of labored breathing and even developing diseases such as diabetes, a very real problem for many overweight Min Pins. Not only is this a difficulty for the dog, it can run owners into thousands of dollars in vet bills trying to manage their pet’s illness. In the case of a thyroid problem, a veterinarian can help an owner manage their Min Pin’s weight gain with medication and a carefully planned diet. One must be sure to follow the instructions to a tee in order to help their Min Pin as best they can.

A best bet to help a Min Pin stay at their optimal weight is to feed them no more than half an ounce of dry dog food for every pound of their body weight, adjusting as necessary. Tablescraps and other foods of high sodium or sugar content should be forbidden. With small dogs it is fairly easy for them to not only gain weight quickly, but to build up a toxicity over a short period of time when eating the wrong foods. These toxic buildups often manifest themselves in vital organs such as the pancreas or kidneys. Often, by the time an owner discovers the problem it can be too late to do much of anything. While it is fun to offer the Min Pin treats, doing so with the wrong food can add unnecessary weight and significantly shorten its lifespan.

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