The Min Pin and its Many Coats of Color

The Miniature Pinscher is most commonly noted for looking like the smaller version of the Doberman. The black and rust color found on the face, legs, and rump all nicely corresponds in both breeds. It is no wonder so many speculate whether or not the two are related. In fact the Min Pin comes in other colors, most that once again resemble the Doberman’s other colors. The breed can commonly be found in what is called stag red, chocolate, or, in some cases, plain black. Many who see a red Min Pin often have trouble recognizing the breed, assuming it is a mix of some type of Chihuahua. No matter what color, from head to toe the Min Pin’s coat carries a lustrous sheen. It lies close to the body, giving the breed a smooth streamlined appearance.

The breed standard states that a clear red Min Pin should have no other colors present and that a stag red specimen can have a small mixture of black hairs. These red colors are thought to be the result of the breed’s relation to Dachshunds. The Dachshund was used in the development of the Min Pin breed for their courageous manner of flushing badgers from their burrows. The Min Pin not only took this daring behavior trait but the red coloring that makes an appearance in the breed from time to time. It is part of where the smooth coat comes from also.

The Min Pin is more commonly known for its shiny black coat with rust or reddish colored markings on everything from the eyebrows, jaw, and chest to the hindquarters, hocks, and feet. It is these distinct markings that so closely resemble the Doberman and often get individuals wondering where the relation is. However, these markings are also found on the Dachshund that can at times be found with the same color patterns in the same spots. Of all the color choices for the Min Pin, it is the most popular and many prospective owners are quite surprised to find that the breed comes in anything else.

The chocolate Min Pin basically has the same rust colored patterns as the black Min Pin. Once again, this color variation is also found in the Dachshund breed. The chocolate color of the Min Pin has had some difficulty catching on with some enthusiasts who feel the color somehow sits wrong on the breed. It often produces light or yellow eyes, an undesirable trait, and is therefore not commonly seen in competitions and shows. However, a few breeders feel that it is one of the lesser appreciated colors that offers great potential. Some worry that if more interest is not taken, the color will be lost forever, just like the blue and harlequin coats the breed used to come in.

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